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AllSpark Interactive is a digital design agency based in Chicago. We’re excited to help businesses innovate, build, and launch new web, mobile and e-commerce experiences to help expand brand awareness, inspire social interactions and grow overall revenue.

Through strategic planning, technical know-how, and dedication we have helped a number of clients grow, market, and run their businesses more effectively.

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UX Strategy & Design

Our high quality, user-focused approach to UX strategy and design is not only at the center of innovation, but will ensure your vision is clear.

Web Development

Whether you’re launching a new startup or bringing innovation to your company, we provide full service digital solutions to help bring your ideas to market.

Mobile App Design

We design and build develop mobile responsive sites and user-friendly apps for startups and enterprise clients across iOS and Android devices.


We understand all the facets that play a role in creating an intuitive online shopping experience designed to help people find what they want.

Discovering the narrative

The narrative of a brand’s website engages the consumer and allows people to take a journey through the brand’s narrative and trigger their imagination. The importance of storytelling has become greater.

“Activism, sustainability, and collaboration are the focal points of today’s successful brands — a focus on doing rather than talking.”

Jason Stewart

Creative Director

Becoming part of the brand

Brands are having to work harder than ever to wow customers. More and more, customers are engaging with brands on their own terms — Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest — and expecting more in return.

Start getting results

“Jason has an original style of work that I have never seen from anyone. The process by which he brings to life the ideas you have is amazing!”

William Hyatt

Digital Marketing Specialist

“AllSpark’s level of professionalism and attention to detail was quite impressive. They go above and beyond to provide a high quality service.”

Tonya Madison

Business Owner

“AllSpark created an identity that represents my business extremely well. I have received nothing but rave reviews about my website!”

Jackie Brewton

Youth Motivational Speaker

“As a result of the AllSpark’s digital strategy, inquiries about my modeling services have started flowing in and I am now able to focus on more clients.”

Channing Shaw

Owner, Élan Creative Services

Rethinking the experience

People today care more about products that show them how to augment their lifestyles, forcing companies to shift their consumer focus from being product-centric to lifestyle-centric. This is where we help you stand out.

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Jason Stewart, Creative Director

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